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The most advanced anti-aging cosmetics to all of you



Men’s anti-aging cosmetics

For any soldier

It contains an anti-aging ingredient more than 40 times than other company.

The world highest containing fullerene 10%

The new level of anti-aging

It contains an anti-aging ingredient more than 100 times than other company.


23/May/2018 We launched the flagship serum, TENBUDO The Serum.


Times have changed.

Anti-aging products must fulfill the customers' requests.

There is no significance to products like those sold in the past, that were so-called aging care products that were basically as ineffective as water.

The days of selling products with only images and signs are over.

From now on, it is an era in which customers trade money for value-based products based on various values.

We provide practical values that exceed the monetary value.


As a cosmetic company

TENBUDO's origin

“天武道”, these characters were chosen to mean “obey destiny, and to carve one's own path like a warrior.”

This is the origin of TENBUDO .

As a cosmetic company specializing in aging care, our goal is to continue to cultivate ourselves and our own products, respecting harmony and sincerity, following the heavenly mission of creating the world's best aging care products.

Our brand was named TENBUDO with this meaning.

Aiming for a sustainable society.

We conduct environmentally friendly manufacturing.


Why we focus on fullerene. Why fullerene?

Excellent properties of fullerene


The secret to why we are the best.

The most representative aging care for everyone.

Message from Founder & CEO.


Lies of anti-aging

There are many “anti-aging products” in the world.